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Stamos Germany

Stamos Germany is your No. 1 supplier of professional welding and cutting equipment and all of the necessary required accessories! You will find a vast selection from Stamos Germany, in your expondo online shop, where all of the items provided conform to the high quality standards set by Germany. If your order is within the United Kingdom, shipping is free, and the same goes for Ireland. Your order will be delivered free of shipping costs also for our customers in Germany. Whether you are new to the exciting world of welding or already well-versed: our catalogue will provide you will all of the necessary information concerning the products and manufactures. So have a look now!

Become a welding expert with Stamos Germany

Stamos Germany is an affiliated brand of Stamos Soldering. . The name of the latter brand already indicates that expondo only offers professional soldering kits when ascociated with this quality manufacturer.While Stamos Soldering offers soldering stations of all kinds, Stamos Germany fulfils all of the customers’ needs when it comes to high-quality welding machines and accesorories. Since there are a multitude of specialisations within the different types of welding work,Stamos Germany offers several manufacturer who have the right tools for every weld seam. For the perfect introduction to welding Stamos Basic offers a selection of reliable and affordable devices. You will find both welding machines and plasma cutters here. Of course, more specialised devices can also be purchased: some of the welding machines offered are made for TIG welding, which uses a robust tungsten electrode. Another special function is the pilot arc of our plasma cutters. And this is just one of the manufacturers under the umbrella of Stamos Germany! There are other manufacturers whose devices guarantee an equally high quality Stamos Power² or the Stamos Pro Series . In both cases the exquisite design alone speaks of the unique quality of the products. Do not miss this amazing selection from Stamos Germany!

Quality and Environment

Next to the brands previously described, Stamos Germany also provides to the expondo customer another very special series: Stamos ECO! The green colour indicates that this Stamos Germany manufacturer is all about nature. With Stamos ECO, Stamos takes into account the recent trend towards sustainability in the construction of its welding machines and focuses on ecological awareness. To ensure the protection and preservation of nature, the green welding machines by Stamos ECO are energy efficient and are constructed from eco-friendly materials. Of course, these characteristics were not achieved through the reduction of quality: Also, this Stamos Germany manufacturer,offers reliable power and perfect results for daily constant use. A wide selection, ideal construction and special focus on important details: Stamos Germany is seamlessly integrated with all the great manufacturers which expondo is happy to represent! Professional welders as well as beginners will find a lot to discover on our website, just like restaurateurs and owners of garages! Do not miss out the on the current catalogue by Stamos Germany See for yourself the vast product range of our brands! You will find the right device at the right price here!

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